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Basket screens are used as fine or coarse screen in the inlet structures of the small and medium scale treatment plants and pumping stations that are fed by steel or reinforced concrete pipelines.

The purpose of use of the basket screens is to remove the solid particles from the system at the inlet to the plant and to prevent damage to other equipment that will be used after the screen.

The basket screens move to a desired distance by means of a rail system mounted on wall. Thus, the problems that will arise from the elevation difference are eliminated. Solids in wastewater cannot pass through the basket screen and they are hold in the screen while wastewater passes through the screen.

The rails are curved in the upper area which facilitates emptying of the basket over the container. Final emptying is carried out by hand with a rake.

The screen basket is constructed of stainless steel sections with a gap of 10 ? 40 mm Or perforated sheets as per requirements.

When the screen basket is raised, the feed is automatically blocked by a drop screen so that no screenings can get into the outlet channel while the basket is being emptied

This solution is perfect solution, simple and effective to remove big solids in pumping station, main entrance of wwtp, etc

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