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The power sector requires significant amount of water for the production of energy, including: cooling water to condensers; feed water to boilers; scrubbing medium to remove air pollutants.


At Envifab, our mission is to protect and preserve the most valuable natural resource on the planet, water! We recognize that there is no substitute for water and only 0.3% of earth’s water is readily available as freshwater.


The production of textile goods involves spinning (fiber to yarn), weaving / knitting (yarn to fabric), chemical (wet) processing, and garment manufacturing. The majority of the water consumption (72%) takes place in the chemical (wet) processing of textiles.


Water is a critical raw material in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing operations; consistent and high-quality water supplies are required for a range of operations including production, material processing and cooling.

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At Envifab we take pride in fabricating the highest quality equipment. We actually have a fabrication shop – something not commonly found in the environmental products market.


Journey of Envifab Equipments started from August 2016 with a mission to design, manufacture and supply the superb quality Water & wastewater equipment with latest and advanced features. Envifab Equipments is sister concern unit of M/s. Shree Virkrupa Engineering. Which is incepted in 1983 and have several years of experience in designing and developing excellent quality of Water & wastewater equipment, which are available at affordable prices. Our proficient professionals possess expertise in the field of Agitators and Scrapper Mechanism manufacturing industry.

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