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Self Cleaning Strainer are used in nearly every industry to strain river, lake or seawater intakes for plant cooling water, fire protection and process requirements. The Strainer is a motorized unit designed for the continuous removal of suspended solids from intake, process and wastewater flows.

There are three type of self cleaning Strainers are available.

Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning Filters are widely used for continuous filtration requirement without any replacement of Filter Consumables and without Exposure of operators. Like auto backwash filter, Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning is used for preliminary filtration following the same principle of differential pressure; the only difference is that it is used for applications where back washing medium is not available. In other words, Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning Filter is used where in one cannot introduce any additional substance for back washing.

Disc Type Self Cleaning Filter is used for highly viscous material filtration like Grease, Lube Oil, Edible Oil, Toothpaste & many more. Here, we don’t require any backwashing media to clean the Filter Element. It is working under principle of differential pressure parameters for uninterrupted filtration requirement.

Self cleaning filter is constructed of filter housing, filter element, back flushing valve, differential pressure gauge, differential pressure switch, Dust Extraction assembly, Geared motor with Sensor and Control Panel. Filter housing can be offered in various material of construction such as various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal. Filter element can be offered in wedge wire, multi layered wire mesh, and plain wire mesh configuration, depending upon process requirement. The strainers are available in sizes 1" through 36" in fabricated construction using carbon steel, stainless steel and assorted alloys.

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