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The rotary drum screen consists of a wedge-wire drum with internal spray system, flow distribution tray (head box), support structure, drain pan, removable enclosures and a drum drive system. The drum drive system consists of a gear motor. A special care was taken in spray and cleaning system. A spray pipe is installed into the drum in order to prevent the buildup of adhesive materials to the outer drum surface. Spray cleaning takes place over the full lengths of the drum, ensuring a continuous operation with a minimum of maintenance. A doctor blade removes sludge and debris collected on the outside of the cylinder.

Flow is pumped to the distribution tray (head box) and overflows a dam, onto the outside of the rotating drum. Wastewater passes through the openings in the drum while the captured screenings remain on the drum surface. The screenings exit the unit and fall into a post screening device or a container. The fixed scraper removes scum that sticks on the screen mesh surface along the screen rotation. The drum screen mesh is cleaned and washed automatically via its mechanical rotation. Spray water cycling is adjustable to ensure maximum performance.

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